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The Imaginary Academy started in 1995 as a project jointly developed and organised by the Centre for Drama Art, Zagreb, Croatia, Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb and Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. The Academy is located in Grožnjan, one of the most beautiful old cities located in the heart of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. Since 1997 the Academy has been operating from its new base – a house which was rented and completely refurbished to house its activities. One of the most beautiful Grožnjan houses, it has a lot of teaching, studio, office and gathering space and even a small professors’ dormitory. The Academy practise training, hold practical and theoretical seminars and lectures whose special purpose is to help projects and their participants pass through all stages of a project development. As much as possible, the Academy is also involved in practical production of selected projects. The ultimate goal of such an approach and working method is realisation and public presentation of projects.
The main motto of the Imaginary Academy thus turns to be: “from education to creation”.

Partners and tutors of the Imaginary Academy will ensure to endeavour that the openness, seriousness and efficiency of the Academy already presented during the last seven years work, continues in the future. The Imaginary Academy developed in this direction, is enlarging its fields of interest and will become, very soon, a significant Mediterranean college and strong centre of culture in this European region.

Imaginary Academy is located in one of the most beautiful houses in Grožnjan, placed on one of the small but charming hidden town squares. The house was recently carefully remodelled to house the Academy, its participants, and staff. On the ground level the house consists of a relaxed entrance space and the “konoba”, which is the typical Mediterranean combination of a kitchen, coffee shop and socialising area.

Grožnjan/Grisignana, Istria, Croatia

Written documents mention Grožnjan for the first time in 1102 as a property of aquiline patriarchs. The name Graeciniana is carved in a roman gravestone found in the village. Other monuments of the same period testify about vivid activity of the area in agriculture and trade in the port on the river Mirna. Situated 228 metres above sea level, with a horizon widely opened towards Motovun and Mountain Ucka, Grožnjan is only 20 kilometres away from a shore, only 12 kilometres from the Slovenian border and 7 kilometres from Buje. Grožnjan was and independent municipality from 1358 until 1955 when it became a part of the community of Buje. Since 1993 it is again a separate community where the Croatian and Italian languages are equal. Now, the newborn community is trying to develop tourism based on cultural heritage and art.

Imaginary Academy 2005
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