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CDU strongly supports collaborative approaches to production in cultural sphere (“…cultural capital no longer means infrastructures, but rather collaborations, for collaboration is its infrastructure.“ (Tomislav Medak). Almost all of its projects are done in collaboration with various partners, so strictly speaking, most of this website could fall under the category collaborations, difference being only in the depth of the conceptual and organisational involvement in a collaboration.

Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000 is a collaboration platform created as a joint project of the Centre for drama art, Multimedia Institute, Platforma 9,81 and What, How and for Whom. The project takes place in the framework of relations. relations is a project initiated by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany. Cultural Kapital will foster those collaborations - both between the project initiators and the local and international initiatives - that will address changes in the social conditions of cultural production, develop the structural position of independent culture and question the dominant regimes of representing culture. Until 2005, Cultural Kapital is planned to include conferences, art festivals, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, presentations, publications, media productions, etc. An important part of the project will be cultural policy activities directed towards reforming the institutional setting of independent culture - increasing its influence and strengthening its resources.

In 2004 and 2005 CDU is one of the participants of the project HWE dance balkan / nordic region. HWE – Hardcore Workshop Exchange – dance balkan / nordic region 2004/05 is a project initiated by NordScen – Nordic Center for Performing Arts. The project is a part of an extensive project for cultural exchange between the Western Balkan and the Nordic Countries initiated by The Nordic Council of Ministers – the Ministers for Culture. HWE is a collaboration project between partners and dance artists of the Western Balkans – Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and the Nordic region – Finland, Norway, Sweden.

HWE creates meeting places for artists from both regions in common workshops, artistic research and presentations reaching out to wide audiences across regional and national boarders. HWE brings together two regions in the North-South perspective, joining expertises in the field of contemporary dance and creating new bonds where they do not exist before. HWE involves 3 countries in each region that are equal partners in the process: Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia in the Balkans and Norway, Sweden and Finland in the Nordic region. Each country is represented by an organisation that acts as a partner and takes the responsibilty to choose participating artists, guide the process, as well as function as hosting organisation. HWE unites experienced partners in the field of performing arts, each with its strong base in the local art-community. HWE partners have chosen young, outstanding and ambitious artists which represent the current contemporary dance scene and have considerable experience with workshop activities.

Nordic partners are: BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen, Norway; Dansstationen in Malmö, Sweden, Kiasma Theater in Helsinki, Finland.

Balkan partners are: PAC Multimedia in Skopje, Macedonia; CDU in Zagreb, Croatia; Dom Omladine Beograda in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.

HWE is structured as artistic workshops, workshop presentations and guest performances, divided in two phases. The 1st phase will take place in November 2004 with Nordic artists arriving in Balkan capitals. In the 2nd phase Balkan artists will travel to their Nordic hosts in autumn 2005.

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