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k . o (kombinirane operacije / combined operations)

The artistic trio k . o ( kombinirane operacije / combined operations ) was formed in December 1998 through a clearly excessive lapse of staging their first performance EXIT at The Festival of Youth in Kikinda (Serbia) . From 1998 - 2003 the group worked under the name OBEPYU.
The group is comprised of :

  • Saša Božić (director / dance dramaturg)
  • Željka Sančanin (choreographer , dancer / performer)
  • Andrej Vučenović (video artist)

Under the notion of a meritous theme - implicitly included is that I mean to convey that every ostensible reason for artistic actions results from, so to say, constructive activities within the human community. Acceptively associating with 'inferior' isolated individuals/company in contrast to the 'healthy' and the strong and powerful, answers, in an intellectual way, questions- willingly and without hesitation; it touches on and makes possible a way to have contact - without citizens being revulsed/ disgusted. Associating with children, the elderly, the ill and by keeping ready, healthy and able, I strongly respond through the acts of artistic actions in the realized-legalized frameworks through the organization of artistic productions defined as theatre-performative art. Once again, quickly fleeing to the functions under the title of " A Meritous Theme": To be as much strong as much as one can be weak; to be weak as much as many can maybe be strong; following day by day; the yearning about everyday desires, so to say 'constructive activities'; the miracles/wonders in ones own life; looking out for - anticipating for the end of feigned simulations that, for me, are generally uninteresting. Traversing from one performance to another, marvelling at and always anewing affirmation are themes about the infinite contribution for a worthy theme-the form and content, process and production. Besieged, whether or not you can or can't allow even a second of that which can be called pretentious - keeping up the appearance for something/someone that is dissembled or assuming an air of pretended, feigned importance - these are reminders of the heaviness of life and the incontrovertible fact about the immense, infinite excitement with which I live and others live: these actions/activities are returned to me by them, manifested in states of agitated-rebellion and in violent-rebellion through theatre-performative practice/usage.