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Programme 1.-12.9.2004. 

1.) 01.-12.09.2004. – theatre project/workshop in the framework of the project «On labour» – tutors: Nik Duric (Showcase Beat Le Mot) and Ellen Bareis (Kanak Attak)  

2.) 10.-12.09.2004. – international meeting ADRIATICO

1. Centre for drama art in collaboration with the Academy of drama art in Zagreb from 1. until 12.9.2004. in Grožnjan, starts with the first phase of the theatre project as a part of the project «On labour».

German participants/tutors of the project are Nik Duric from Showcase Beat Le Mot and Ellen Bareis from Kanak Attaka.

Showcase Beat Le Mot's relaxed performance style, with its seemingly loose composition and self-conscious dilettantism, has been called "theatre muzak in the best sense of the word". Its performances are «a meta-comment on the workings of the moment when theatre lost interest in the development of characters and straightforward narratives.» (Heike Roms).

'Kanak Attak' is a community of different people from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to eradicate racism from German society. Kanak Attak is not interested in questions about your passport or heritage, in fact it challenges such questions in the first place. Kanak Attak challenges the conservative and liberal orthodoxy that good 'race relations' is simply a matter of tighter immigration control. Our common position consists of an attack against the 'Kanakisation' of specific groups of people through racist ascriptions which denies people their social, legal and political rights.

The project is organised with the support of Goethe Institute from Zagreb.

Project On labour is a part of the project Zagreb – Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000 which takes place in the framework of relations. relations is a project initiated by Kultu rstiftung des Bundes, Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany). Zagreb – Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000 is supported by The Arts and Civil Society Program of Erste Bank Group za Centralnu Evropu.

2 . CDU , Imaginary Academy Grožnjan is hosting an international meeting that takes place 10. - 12.9.2004 in relation to the project ADRIATICO.

CDU is one of the partners in the project ADRIATICO whose aim is to develop systematic and continuous exchange between the organisations from the countries around Adriatic sea in the field of performing arts. The initiator of this project is Centro servizi e spettacoli from Udine (Italy). In the second part of the 80ies, before the dramatic and violent war explosions in the Balkan area, Css started an intense collaboration with some Yugoslavian theatres. Css was struck by the theatrical practise far different from the one known in Italy, especially in the vision and in the role of theatre, seen as a symbol in the urban and social configuration of the town and, above all, by the community extraordinary capacity in sharing the theatrical event in its contents and symbolics. In these three/four short years full of meetings, they had the chance to know the last generation of theatre people in the united Yugoslavia, from Ljubljana to Novi Sad, via Belgrade and Subotica, then dispersed, among choices of emigration to Europe, United States, political windings, or painful giving up. From these premises the idea of progetto Adriatico was bornin the second part of the year 2000. The occasion to start the project was born from the relation of three Italian permanent innovation theatres: Css in Udine, Albe in Ravenna, and Kismet in Bari, with the active collaboration of Ente Teatrale Italiano, but travels, meetings, visited places, increased our will of creation and collaboration. The project seeks to avoid the idea of the forced ecumenism, chasing a “politically correct” action, nice to be spoken out but far away from the artistic creation and from the present political reality. The crossings of lives and thoughts caused by Adriatico led to another development: the meeting with a reality in Northern Europe, the Baltic sea, with a geo-political condition similar to the Adriatic area: countries overlooking the same sea which lived for decades separated by curtains and ideologies and now trying to collaborate through knowledge and information. Partners of the project are CSS Udine - Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Kismet Teatro Opera, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione/Festival di Santarcangelo, Inteatro (Polverigi), Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana), Primorski Poletni Festival (Koper), Dah Teatar (Beograd), Centar za kulturnu kontaminaciju (Beograd), Teatri Kombetar (Priština), OAZ Theatre Company (Tirana), Nacionalno kazalište Skopje, Europska kulturna fondacija (Amsterdam), kao i Drugo more (Rijeka), Zadar snova (Zadar), Barutana (Osijek), Festival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta Svinčenat.