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Absent Interfaces

Center for Drama Art - Artists' Lab, 07.-11. December 2008, Zagreb

L'animal a l'esquena - International Seminar and Public Symposium, 14.-18. October 2008, Celrà & Girona

boDig 08 - Artists' Lab, 15.-25. September 2008, Istanbul

hrvatska verzija

researching fresh artistic and critical approaches to the relationship between live performance and new media technologies

What sort of medium is the body? Biology's ascent to the status of the leading natural science has led to a massive use of biological metaphors in the Humanities and a wide range of biotech procedures that provide artists with themes for their work and, even more, with new expressive media. The age of digital reproduction cancels the notion of aura - with no artistic object to hang on to, the art making evolves past aura-tic art. Body art may “hang onto the aura” (franko b), but new artistic practices go beyond the body, using body processes, chemical and metabolic systems to create bio-art. We are left questioning the idea of an interface between body and technology. An interface marked by interoperability, the common level of abstraction allowing interactions between machinic and/or metabolic processes; and actionability, the concatenation of actual actions outside of code with algorithm.

Absent Interfaces is a four year project to facilitate creation of new artworks that demonstrate the following two content principles: (1) are based on relations between live performance and new media technologies; and (2) are critically engaged with the modes of their own production. A series of activities including labs, residencies, workshops, seminars and presentations (publication, exhibition and performance/ installation) are currently being planned for the period 2007-2010 with three international partners: L'Animal a L'esquena (Celra/ Girona), Centre for Dramatic Arts (Zagreb) and Bodig (Istanbul).

Absent Interfaces builds on the outcomes of a dance and technology work/shop in Zagreb (10-15 Oct 2005); a pilot 'ideas creation' lab at TanzQuartier Wien (28 Nov-3 Dec 2005); an artists' meeting during the TECHNE06 Performance and Media Festival, Istanbul (17-22 Apr 2006); a series of daily interventions during the Body and Technologies Lab, La Caldera, Barcelona (4-10 Dec 2006); and an inaugural organisation meeting of the Absent Interfaces Steering Group at L'Animal a l'esquena in Celra/ Girona (12-14 Oct 2007).


Daniel Aschwanden (A), Heine Avdal (N/B), Alain Baumann (S), Bacači sjenki (HR), Željko Blaće (HR/NL), Andrea Božić (HR/NL), Toni Cots (S), Beliz Demircioglu (TR), Philipp Haupt (A), Jens Hauser (D/F), Ivana Ivković (HR), Scott deLahunta (USA/NL), Ralo Mayer (A), Tomislav Medak (HR), Roc Pares (S), Nikolina Pristaš (HR), Ibrahim Quraishi (US/NL), Rosa Sanchez (SP), Željka Sančanin (HR), Roland Seidel (D/A), Daniel Turing (D), Silvio Vujičić (HR), Julia Willms (D/NL) and others.


Daniel Aschwanden (Bilderwerfer), Andrea Božić, Toni Cots (L'Animal a L'esquena), Scott deLahunta, Ivana Ivković (Centar za dramsku umjetnost), Aylin Kalem (boDig), Heine Røsdal Avdal (deepblue)


archive, augmentation, pedagogy, reflection, theory, visibility, traces, self-organising


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