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International interdisciplinary symposium “Group dynamics”

The International interdisciplinary symposium “Group dynamics” is conceived as a commencement of long term addressing of the issues of organization and self-organization, grouping, collectives and relating in a wider field of cultural production. As this is a very heterogeneous phenomenon, based on principles of internal homogenization forced from either the outside or the inside, or in non-linear self-organization, continuation or the like, we have decided to invite a number of eminent theatre scholars, but also theoreticians from the fields of philosophy, architecture, art history, and artists who practice in specific types of organized groupings, to participate in the symposium. Invited artists and theoreticians are: Hans-Thies Lehmann, Ric Allsopp, Adrian Heathfield, Alan Read, David Williams, Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, Tim Etchells, Vlatka Horvat, Emil Hrvatin, Aldo Milohnić, Franz Anton Cramer, Bojana Kunst, United dancers of Zuga, Nebojsa Jovanovic, Andreja Kuluncic, Miran Mohar, Hou Hanru, Kristina Thome, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Charles Esche, Bureau d'etudes.
The topics we want to discuss are:
  • affects and relations in group work
  • self-organization and non-hierarchical forms of public presence
  • group politicality
  • group as an event
  • collectivism
  • group utopias
  • group as a market of interests, etc.

During the symposium we plan to present Croatia’s most prominent groups and individual artists who address the topic of groups in their work.

You can view schedule here.