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Issue no. 60 - 61
Theme: Artistic Labor in the Age of Austerity
Editor(s): Marko Kostanic
Language: English, Croatian
Besides the devastating social effects, the period of transition has been marked by a whole series of ideological misunderstandings and short circuits. Owing to its specific constitution, inner dynamics, and evaluation criteria, the field of artistic and cultural production has been particularly prone to such misunderstandings. Following the 1990s, when culture was among the key resources in shaping the national myth, serving as a means of legitimating all sorts of atrocities, and the post- Tu?man period with its imagination and invocation of the cultural habits and tastes of Western urban middle classes, serving to legitimate the myth of a post-ideological society, in the past few years we have witnessed a gradual clearing of the ground and the formulation of crucial questions owing to the activity or certain agents and even more to the fiscal consequences of global crisis. The thematic issue called "Artistic Labor in the Age of Austerity" seeks to offer a contribution to this seminal debate. Our aim has been to articulate the thematic clusters that seem inevitable in discussions about artistic and cultural production through a collection of texts dealing with topics such as the state of politics and the economic logic of public finances as determined by the so-called austerity politics, the constitution of an autonomous art field from the perspective of establishing the market of wage labour, the political function of culture, the relationship between cultural policies of higher education and the operational mechanisms of the media, the artistic treatment of the conditions of reproduction in terms of political economy, and the logic of self-organization in artistic work, including its methods of production.

  • Mislav Zitko
  • Stipe Curkovic
  • Tomislav Medak
  • Mario Kikas
  • Boris Postnikov
  • Goran Pavlic
  • Goran Sergej Pristas
  • Ana Vujanovic
  • Boris Cuckovic