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Issue no. 55
Theme: Curating Perfroming Arts
Editor(s): Florian Malzacher, Tea Tupajic & Petra Zanki
Language: English
The concept of the curator has become more and more influential in the performing arts in recent years. But while it has been heavily discussed and theorized within the visual arts, the function of the programmer, producer, curator in the performing arts remains strangely un-debated. Even though programming in dance, theatre and performance has undergone fundamental changes over the last decades there are barely any texts that reflect on its specific role in art production and reception.
This edition of the performing art magazine Frakcija is the first publication fully dedicated to investigating the concept of the curator in performing arts, from its pragmatic limitations, its relations to art and artists up to its conditions within the field of immaterial labour and its role within the system of the art market. In original contributions theorists, artists and curators define the field of future discussions: From very concrete descriptions to abstract reflections on the very specific conditions of programming time based art.

With Essays by Beatrice von Bismarck (DE), Elke van Campenhout (BE), Florian Malzacher (AT/DE), Christine Peters (DE), Goran Sergej Pristas (HR), Rebecca Schneider (US), Mårten Spångberg (SE), Tea Tupajic (HR) & Petra Zanki (HR)

Artist’s contributions by Deufert + Plischke (DE), Tim Etchells & Hugo Glendinning (GB), Rabih Mroué (LB), Dan Perjovschi (RO) and Jan Ritsema (FR/NL)

Conversations with Gabriele Brandstetter (DE), Hannah Hurtzig (DE), Hans Ulrich Obrist (GB/CH), Virve Sutinen (SE/FI) and Hilde Teuchies (BE)

And a Curator’s Glossary with contributions by Danjel Andersson (S), Norman Armour (CA), Vincent Baudriller (FR), Sven Birkeland (NO), Tom Bonte (B), Marie Collin (F), Lane Czaplinski (US), Sally De Kunst (CH/BE), Zvonimir Dobrovic (HR), Juan Dominguez (ES), Silvia Fanti (IT), Vallejo Gantner (US), Sigrid Gareis (DE), Matthias von Hartz (DE), Stefan Hilterhaus (DE), Veronica Kaup-Hasler (AT), Frie Leysen (BE), Matthias Lilienthal (DE), Nayse Lopez (BR), Barbara Raes (BE), Christophe Slagmuylder (BE), György Szabó (HU), Annemie Vanackere (NL/BE), Barbara Van Lindt (NL/BE) & Gordana Vnuk (HR)

This issue of Frakcija Performing Arts Journal was created in partnership with The Curators' Piece project.

Second print run, spring 2011